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1.  Prepare

  • Search your heart and your motives

      - Ensure this is the direction God intends for your church or department

      - Read Psalm 127:1; Proverbs 14:15

  • Consider the counsel of those around you

     - Assemble a small team of advisors who are willing to review your direction and provide honest feedback

     - Ensure the collective counsel of this team supports this opportunity

     - Read Provers 12:5

  • Spend a season in prayer

     - Ask God to reveal anything in you personally that may hinder the ministry

     - Read Psalm 139:23-24

2. Obtain Church/Department Leadership Buy-In

  • Share ways in which Adopt-a-Cop will enhance the ministry of your church or support the personnel of your department

     - Read Romans 13:1-4; 1 Timothy 2:1-4

  • Share the logistics of your plan

     - When and how you will enlist prayer partners (Click Here for Electronic Form)

     - When and how you will enlist law enforcement officers who want to participate (Click Here for Electronic Form)

  • Formally request your leaderships blessing

     - Seek the approval of your pastor (for churches)

      -Seek the approval of the appropriate law enforcement official (Sheriff, Police Chief, Police Chaplain, etc.)

3. Launch

  • Begin registering prayer partners on the Adopt-a-Cop Website by using the “Individual Prayer Partner Form” (Click Here for Electronic Form)

  • Register individual law enforcement officers on the Adopt-a-Cop Website using the “Individual Officer Form” (Click Here for Electronic Form)

  • Match Prayer Partners to Officers.

  • If an individual prayer partner does not have a law enforcement officer to pray for, one will be assigned to them, by the Coordinator.*

  • Quarterly Zoom Meetings with chapter coordinators.

*Multiple prayer partners may be assigned to an individual law enforcement officer
*Multiple law enforcement officers may also be assigned to an individual prayer partner

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