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Our Leadership is One of Our Greatest Assets

Founded in 1998, Adopt-A-Cop (AAC) set out to discover the best practices in community engagement and supporting platforms to start a on a rounded mental wellness program, to support multiple chapters throughout the United States. 

The projects goal has not changed and with a forward thinking advisory committee, we are looking to take this corporation to the next level.  We honor the legacy by researching and improving the corporation in the areas of healthcare, spiritual guidance and community involvement. These areas are imperative, layered, and diverse.  However, our passion for making prayer and community unification drives us to chase transformative ideas.

To do so, we work closely with our chapter coordinators and partner organizations to focus on specific and shared issues. Our combined community expertise allows us to think outside of the box and inspire action.

When a group of people unite around a shared passion and pursuit for making prayer, community unification, and wellness its focus; success is inevitable.

Jackie Morrison

Financial Management Advisor

Tony York

Retired Officer Advisor

Deborah Newman

Website Designer


Matt Ellenson

Graphic Designer

Amy Frost

Wellness & Veterans Affairs Advisor


Marcy Hanson

Fundraising and Community

Events Advisor

Steve Kajihiro

Officer Resilience Advisor

Chaplain Michael D. Thrower

Chief Executive Officer

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